About Minecraft and How to Get a Free Minecraft Account

What is Minecraft?

Having been around since 2009, Minecraft isn’t the newest game on the market but is certainly among the most popular games currently present. It was released by its creator Markus Persson in 2009 and since then it has been dominating the ‘Gamosphere’. Why is it so popular you ask? That’s because it lets you be a God. That’s right. In Minecraft, you can literally build anything out of pixels (which sometimes strikes as digital legos)and make it work. It offers an endless scope of creativity and fun. In survival mode, you can build towers to insulate yourself from the monsters, while in the Creative mode, theplayer can fly freely all across the game world and simply build structures of all kinds for the fun of it. Twitch.tv allows big players to project their gameplay to the viewers as alive stream and it is considered as the best feature of Minecraft. Players use creative mode profusely and build an entire city, internet memes, and board games that make it even more popular among the viewers. On the other hand survival mode lets the viewer feel the thrill and excitement while watching players build defensive towers to combat monsters, thus making it an addictive game and hard to get bored with it. Minecraft also has a Multiplayer mode option that lets the gamers play together and develop teamwork. Unlike other games, Minecraft is backed up well even by parents as Minecraft offers a creativity development platform and shows no trace of violence and blood making it reach more youth and kids, hence more than 11 million users. As of 2014, Minecraft has sold about 54 million copies and was eventually bought by Microsoft later that year for about US$ 2.5 billion. Minecraft needs the player to own an account and then only the player can start the session. Though a lot of people buy the premium account that grants the full access to the game but a few neither have a premium account and nor they want to invest any money, that is why we are here to help you out and end your search for a free account.


How to geta Free Minecraft Account?

We are one of the few Free Minecraft Account providers on the World Wide Web and our only purpose is to spread the world of helping others. The eligibility to have a free Minecraft account is no hassle business and requires you to complete a quick and short survey from our sponsors. If you already have an account, then you can always get one for free for your family members or friends, so that you can play with them and have some quality game time. The process of generating free premium accounts is very simple.


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So after this, you’ll have a premium account available for you to have an unlimited fun and quality time with this amazing game; Minecraft. Cheers!!